Tableau de mariage

Veni, vidi, vici – Caio Giulio Cesare


What is a tableau de mariage?  It’s the classic “billboard” where newlyweds indicate guest disposition on tables…

If you are about to marry this gem will amaze relatives and friends of both families!

If you want to make a highly effective gift to the newlyweds, you can play it safe! Originality, history and style.

Creation is customized on tastes and request of newlyweds…


Tabelau de mariage
Effect on guests



















Some advice?

The city or the church on background… An empty space in the center, to be filled with a polaroid of newlyweds entering in restaurant… Photos of parents, grandparents… Nicknames!

And after the wedding? Simple, just replace the stand with a frame and the newlyweds will have the first picture to hang at home!


If the wedding will be celebrated in Sicily I can advise you a photographer who, in addition to the classic wedding service, will shoot by an old camera of 1915, developing photos in a “travel” darkroom under the astonished eyes of all guests!


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