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The TOP!

The most comprehensive and systematic way to access, share and expand your family tree, winking to modernity and to social networks, to involve whole family in a convenient and simple manner.

I will create for you a family website including all discoveries made – or faithfully reporting the data that you’ll communicate to me – in a clear and functional graphics, with several advanced features.

Every individual profile will contain photos, kinship relations, events, related documents, contacts and so on.


Family website


In addition to the “simple” family tree, in website you will find:

  • Family statistics (maps, percentage, record, distributions e much more)
  • Photo albums
  • Event reminders (birthdays, anniversaries)
  • Invitation management
  • Distant relatives search
  • DNA Analysis
  • APP (Android, iOS)

Thanks to the website you can invite all your relatives to help family tree enrichment: each registered member will be able to post photos, dates, details, events, new individuals and more.

You’ll get your story at a click, and you’ll make an incredible and unexpected present to dozens of people!

Website includes Android and iOS APP too.


If you like to amaze, this is the right choice.



For detailed prices, please see this page.