Alea iacta est – Caio Giulio Cesare



Every genealogical research is “unique”, because each family has its own story, different from all others. 

With this in mind it’s understandable that the search for the origins of a family can be consistently easier or more difficult than the one relating to another (travel, emigration, adoptions, recordings …).

It’s clear that it is impossible and unfair to set a single price, always valid, giving the same cost to a simple or a complex search; a more concrete estimate is possible only after a preliminary feasibility study (free).

Average costs

Experience shows that average costs are:

  • Agnatic Research: 150 – 250 $ (it’s not unusual to complete a search with less than 150 $)
  • Expanded Research: 450 – 500 $
  • Detailed Research:
    • + 50 $ (for agnatic research)
    • + 90 $ (for expanded research)

Do you want to decide how much to spend for your research? You just have to say it to me, that will be the (maximum) amount that you’ll pay!

For “Writing and publishing family tree” service, see “Poster or Canvas” and “Website” products.


The results are always provided with an excel file that shows the family tree and the information found. Optionally, even at the end of the search, you can decide to leave relatives and friends speechless by choosing one of the following proposals.

Large format printing (poster or canvas):

  • cm 30×40:
    • Poster: 35 $
    • Canvas: 55 $ (shipping included)
  • cm 50×70:
    • Poster: 50 $
    • Canvas: 85 $ (shipping included)
  • cm 100×70:
    • Poster: 80 $
    • Canvas: 130 $ (shipping included)

Family book:

  • to print: 85 $
  • printed and bound: 110 $
  • customized, with documents: 150 $


Original documents:

  • to print: 5 $ \ documents
  • printed: 9 $ \ documents

Website: 150 $

Tableau de mariage: 45 $

Shipping cost

Shipping (if necessary), it will always be done by traceable method.

  • Documents, books (in Italiy): 10 $
  • Poster, tableau de mariage (in Italiy): 15 $

Outside Italy costs will be different.

No extra charge for additional items.

Accepted payments: bank transfer, PayPal, Postepay