Detailed research

Quintili Vare, legiones redde! – Ottaviano Augusto



It’s an “optional” to add to a standard research, both agnatic or expanded.
This option allows you to know not only the names and dates of ancestors, but also addressess, jobs, marital status, godfathers, wedding witnesses and many other details.

Example image shows a fantasy couple with several details, such as their addresses (before \ after wedding).


Expanded research example


With the detailed search you’ll have all the information traceable on your family, making it possible visit the places of origins, know about occupations and relationships that were established.




Each civil record, church certificate, cemetery registry or census contains an important set of information to reconstruct much more than the “simple” family tree.

Each consulted source is described in detail trascribing all interesting data, leaving no stone unturned.

Going back in time the personal data are reduced, especially since the eighteenth century, but they are often enriched with details of goods and possessions.


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