The beginning is simple: give me the remotest event date you know (the birth of great-grandfather, grandparents' marriage ...).
Give me some time, a couple of days or so, to carry out a feasibility study on your search (for free): I’ll be able to tell you if it's the case to go forward (indeed, "back"!) or give up, because it would be too expensive (but in the end it's up to you).

If we decide to go ahead, I’ll start with reverse search of your family members to go back to the earliest available documents, or until the time you decide to push you.
Remember: you do not have to be noble to have a family tree that goes up to the Renaissance: even the most humble, in all times, have been baptized, married and were surveyed.
Genealogy is "democratic"!

At the end of the research you’ll be able to choose whether \ which documents you want to receive (and in which format): from simply open data (dates, names, places, jobs, events, properties, etc.), up to website with your family tree - accessible only to registered members - passing for printing poster or canvas in large format.


About me

I'm the one in the picture, Paolo, but for complex searches, I work with some collaborators
Member of APG (Association of Professional Genealogists), I collaborate with Pesquisa Italiana (Brazil) and Pallante Center (USA).
International reference organisation in genealogy business, promotes collaboration and high ethical standards.
Computer engineer, Genealogist and Roman historian.
Star Trek fan!
Agency supporting descendants of Italian emigrants in Brazil who intend to apply for citizenship


To meet all needs (and every budget) different options are provided.


There are several ways to discover, enjoy and show off your family's history. Choose the right one for you!

Poster or canvas

Great classic: printed of the preferred size, on paper or canvas, showing ancestors and descendants.
A perfect present!


Family book

If you want all details handy: individual cards, photos, kinship.
Elegantly bound or ready to print at home.



For those who want to save money: all the search results organized in a file of the format preferred (eg: Excel file, PDF...)


Original documents

To be framed, bound, shared.
The excitement of the documents that testify the history of your family, drawn up 400 or 500 years ago...



A complete website, ready to be shared with all of your relatives near and far, giving them the opportunity to increase it!


Tableau de mariage

A treat original to impress your guests, or a highly effective gift for the newlyweds. After the wedding it’ll be a beautiful picture!


"Ok but... How much?"
What if... You make the price?

Contact me

If you don't like to write, give me your phone number, I'll call you back
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