Writing or publishing family tree

Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam – Marco Porcio Catone



Do you already know your ancestors’ details, thanks perhaps to previous research, or to particularly “informed” relatives?

Not interested in going back several centuries, the great-grandparents may be your arrival point?

Do you want to focus on the contemporary history of your family, from grandparents to grandchildren? Maybe you want to do an original gift…


In other words, you don’t need any research but would like to have a beautiful family tree to exhibit!


Working with Catania State Archive’s great intruments

Well, I can propose different ways to group, show and share (the story of) your family!


What do you think of a large format printing, highly effective?


Perhaps a canvas, also perfect for decorating.


Or do you just want me to create for you a highly defined image to use as you like?


Would you like to amaze your relatives, giving everyone the chance to compile and expand your family history, as well as to know distant relatives?
If so, the perfect thing for you is family website, designed to manage members subscription, family statistics, reminders, bulletin board and much more … A Family Social Network!





Contact me and we’ll find togheter something that can meet your needs.